Hey! This is Jen & M-C! We decided to unite our respective strengths and passions in order to help as many women as possible to regain confidence & become the woman they have always dreamed of being.

We are soul mates and our mission is to help women like you. And, while we don't pretend we know everything, WE HAVE helped hundreds of women transform their bodies and their lives using a strategy we have established.

And yet... Not so long ago, we were in your shoes. We can definitely say that these days have been difficult.

We were in a vicious cycle of strict diets and we didn't know how to do things differently. We were constantly looking for a miracle recipe to achieve the perfect body at the expense of our physical and mental health.

Anyway, all of this made us realize that we were not alone in living this reality and that we had to help women by sharing what has worked for us, and which now allows us to live a healthy lifestyle without deprivation.

Let us guide you, so you don't have to walk through the same bumpy roads we took. Believe us, you don't have to go through the same difficulties that we have experienced. By doing things differently, you will finally be able to feel good physically, but especially to achieve an inner well-being.

Jen & M-C


Founder, Training and Nutrition Coach

With over 10 years of experience in physical training, Jennifer is constantly on the lookout for new methods to improve the performance of the human body. She stays on the lookout for the latest training to expand her knowledge of training, nutrition, sleep and general health.

Trainer by profession, she specializes in weight loss, overall fitness and the well-being of women. Jennifer is also an athlete and an entrepreneur. Her 5 years of mixed martial arts have allowed her to develop a discipline. From a very young age, training has enabled her to overcome the trials of life that confronted her. This now allows her to share her knowledge and help as many women as possible.

Founder, Recipe Creator

Marie-Christine alias MC's Kitchen has been passionate about cooking since a very young age. She shares healthy recipes and her love for cooking and wellness. She sincerely believes that life and food are all about balance; we can especially notice it in her recipes which are simple, fast and economical.

Her motto is simple: eat healthy + be active = feel vibrant. She believes that these small changes that we make every day lead to big results in our health and life in general.

Health begins from within, she says. Taking care of yourself requires nourishing your body with healthy foods that are non-toxic and good for you. We could eat all the kale and spinach in the world, but it will make no difference if we don't address the other important aspects of our lives that are bothering us.

She does not advocate any specific type of diet or diet. Each of us is unique and so are our dietary needs. She believes in mindful eating, moderation and just doing our best every day.


Our mission is to help as many women as possible transform their lives through training, mindful eating and a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to inspire you to move, eat healthy and have fun doing it.

We believe that every woman deserves to achieve well-being, regardless of her reality.